Julie Williams


Julie "Lee" Williams


July 24, 1988 (age 23)


Mr. Williams (Father, Deceased)
Mrs. Williams (Mother, Deceased)
Alice Williams (Younger Sister, Deceased)
Unnamed Aunt

Significant Kills






First Appearence

Heaven Queen, Protect me

Last Appearence

Dr. Jekyll is Wrestling Hyde for my Pride

Julie Williams (born July 24, 1988) is the main protagonist of P.s: Game Over. She is the older sister of Alice Williams. She actually lives in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. She is Jake McCarty's girlfriend.

She found out about Shadow War and since then has been researching the game.

Early LifeEdit

Julie Williams was born in 1988, to Mr. Williams and Mrs. Williams. She can't broke her father's rules. When she was 11 years old, she moves to Los Angeles to lives with her aunt, because her mother was died. When she was 18, she moves back to Manchester and in the same time, her father died and her sister came to lives with her.

Once she arrived in Manchester, she knows Jake McCarty and two months later they began a dating. Three years dating, she was deceived by her boyfriend's twin brother, Dylan McCarty, with whom did sex.


When she is suffering, she acts aggressively and sometimes is rude. Julie doesn't like to admit her weakness. She is too very protective. She made circular motions with the language that only came to light when he felt threatened in some way.


  • She can't break the rules of her late father.
  • When Jake and Julie are very close, there is a "customary shiver."
  • Her fake e-mail is
  • She still feels drawn to Dylan.
  • She studied fashion design in the university.


Season OneEdit